The Miso and soy-sauce brewery in soma-city, Fukushima


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The following sets are available. ※Available from 1 set

Special Grade Pure Brew Soy Sauce/6-pack
the finest Soma-Miso/6-pack
Ama-zake “a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice”

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Items are also available at our store.
We have irregular holidays, so please contact us before your visit.
Attention: We only ship domestically in Japan
TEL : +81-244-35-2966 (8:00~19:00/irregular holidays)

31 Uwa-machi, Nakamura-aza, Soma-shi, Fukushima-ken

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Attention: Correspondence in Japanese only TEL +81-244-35-2966 08:00AM- 07:00PM(regular holiday: not fixed.)


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